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About Us

Founder of Suncoast Medical Group

Suncoast Medical Group is located in the cozy town of Lehigh Acres, Florida. The facility has covered a wide range of disciplines of treatments, including rehabilitation and wellness services.

It was founded by Yajaida Aristhyl, an exceptional Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) of Lehigh Acres, Florida. While she is a successful philanthropist and Exceptional nurse, she felt the need for a medical facility for this area.

While the project is her brainchild, and she started it to provide complete medical care to the community, other doctors who are on board have the same energy and focus for this clinic.   

Our staff includes individuals who are trained in their fields and treat the patients with care and empathy. The clinic’s ethos provides a team approach in delivering optimized care, ensuring nothing goes unfazed during patient care.

The wide range of services that the clinic provides includes treatment of Acute illness, any Musculoskeletal injuries due to auto accidents.

Moreover, chronic diseases such as diabetes and High blood pressure, if needed, patients are briefed and coached with proper lifestyle changes that must be made to manage them. Furthermore, patients are advised to join support groups for continued support.     

The clinic offers the Physicals needed for (DOT) Department of Transportation, immigration, sports, or work. The physicals are conducted for each parameter as required for each task. They may be as rigorous and competitive to test your health and wellness to deem you fit for the job.  

Moreover, in our women’s Care program, we cover all aspects of women’s health, such as Breast cancer awareness, women’s health, and encourage women to conduct the test and exams as directed by WHO regularly.

In our wellness care, the patient is provided with customized wellness plans to carry some changes to improve the overall quality of life. We also encourage individuals and patients to pursue Wellness programs to promote mental and physical health.

Moreover, we conduct Medical examinations required by USCIS (the United States Citizen and Immigration Services) for the immigration process. Furthermore, at Suncoast, refugees are given medical assessment and vaccination if needed.

In Suncoast Clinic, there is preventive care, medical care, and ongoing patient care for everyone. Whether these people have insurance or no insurance, the clinic is meant to ease the suffering and problems by what little can be done via the clinic.

Therefore, primary consultations, treatment plans, and medications in most affordable ways are provided in the clinic. Indeed, affordability parameters are different for everyone. Still, there is always a way to figure out any situation, which is the clinic’s driving force.

The clinic, which is open to anyone who needs health care, treats everyone despite their age, gender, and ethnicity. Ideally, everyone gets the care and medical attention that they require in a just way.

There is always hope. With Suncoast medical Group, people can rely on the clinic’s expert staff, which will provide them the best medical care possible. Indeed, as such, initiatives restore the faith in humanity and bring joy and optimism to society.

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