We also offer patients a wide range of routine health exams for school, camp, and sports physicals, as well as immigration examinations, and health risk assessments.


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Sports physicals are designed to assess any underlying issues that would impede an athlete’s performance or force him/her out of the game. Athletes are instructed to complete a physical with a physician six weeks before the sports season’s commencement, but this depends on the sports season. This timeframe provides sufficient time to rectify any issues or enhance conditioning before the season.

Each school sports team member is needed to complete a pre-physical emanation, which is also referred to as a sports physical.


The criteria for sports physicals depends primarily upon the sport and state. Get in touch with the sports program administrator to obtain additional details that need to be fulfilled to be eligible for participation- always remember to bring each form, which requires a signature or completion from the physician.

 Different aspects of a Sports Physical

Sports physical comprises two aspects: medical history and physical examination. A physical exam results in assessing an athlete’s fitness in terms of general health, the current level of fitness, the potential for injury, and overall physical well-being. Sports physicals are suited for adults and students who are participating in:

  • School or interleague sports programs
  • Club sports teams
  • New fitness regimens


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