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Lee Pitts: Welcome back southwest Florida, we are so happy that you joined us here this Sunday morning, where we were nestled on the Caloosahatchee River at the historic Burroughs Home and of course Lee Pitts Live, we are all over Southwest Florida. This has been one of our finest accommodations, big shout out to the folk at uncommon friends and the Burroughs home. What you see behind us is the Caloosahatchee River and the Edison Bridge headed southbound coming from North Fort Myers and the Cape core area. So, we’ll be here for a couple more weeks. We have a new segment that we’re going to be unveiling in our lineup throughout Lee Pitts Live 2019. So, we’re excited about that as well. Today, we’ll get a chance to hear from Chica Perry, girl talks, finance would be on the show. We’ll get also get to talk to Chris Grimsby to a correspondent for truth media. You’ve heard his name before over at week news. Now he’s moved on to what I call bigger and better things. And we’re going to unveil our new show today, segment “Arise to your Health” with Yajaida Vasquez. So, we’re excited for her as well with Suncoast medical center, Southwest Florida, and speaking of Yajaida.

Yajaida Vasquez: Well okay, thank you for having me.

Lee Pitts: Hey, it’s good to get you here. People saw you on the show a few months ago and just were thrilled. And when I watch you on the show, I said, ‘’Oh, that’s a star, she’s made for television’’. You don’t know that. I just said, ‘’Hey, I got to talk to her about having a segment on the show so great job in terms of delivering great information about keeping people healthy’’.

Yajaida Vasquez: Thank you. Yeah, we’re excited to start this new segment for 2019, we’re trying to keep people healthy and well-informed, and this is all about empowering our folks at home.

Lee Pitts: You can have a down to earth approach to talking to people. That’s what I like about you, even though you got the fancy title of what’s that advanced nurse registered nurse practitioner

Yajaida Vasquez: You got it.

Lee Pitts: But you’re able to break it down and talk to people in a regular way. Where did that come from?

Yajaida Vasquez: You know I just felt that, just, I relate to them by being a patient myself no one likes to go anywhere stoic. You know, they like to just meet with someone and have just a nice conversation about what they feel when they’re the sickest and the most vulnerable. So, I just relate to being just a regular person with everyone else.


Lee Pitts: Prevention is best though right?

Yajaida Vasquez: That’s right.

Lee Pitts: Eating properly, doing the right thing for your body that can ward off a lot of different sicknesses.

Yajaida Vasquez: That’s right. And that’s where we’re going to be talking in that first segment. So, I’m excited that you brought that up.

Lee Pitts: Okay. Well, we’re looking forward to your first segments and the future I understand that you are going from time to time you’ll bring in various people and interview them as well.

Yajaida Vasquez: Yeah, there are great providers here in our area and in our community. And there’s a lot of information that people need to know about. And so, we’ll bring their expertise on and share it with everyone.

Lee Pitts: And your information for Suncoast medical centers of Southwest Florida will be on the screen throughout the process. People can always contact you. You actually, you’re not just a pretty face on TV, but you actually have a place that they can come and get medical care.

Yajaida Vasquez: That’s right. Its Suncoast medical centers. So, Southwest Florida and so yeah, we are, they are in Lehigh acres ready to see your patients whenever they are.

Lee Pitts: Okay. When we come back, Yajaida.

Yajaida Vasquez: Hello, everyone and welcome to this new segment here at Lee Pitts Live. My name is Yajaida Vasquez, a nurse practitioner and I’m coming to you sponsored by Suncoast medical Southwest Florida. And the new segment is called arise to your health with Yajaida Vasquez. So, I’m really excited to be here. Like I mentioned because it’s giving me the opportunity to step out of the office and just come and talk to you, have some nice and candid conversations about your health subjects that are important to everyone in our community. And in the future, we’re looking to bring in some other guests that can help answer some questions as well. We have a lot of good medical providers and other partners to your health that are going to be instrumental in helping us getting you all of that great information.

So today, we’re going to be sharing some, things that are about our topic. We talked about this earlier when he introduced me, which is, about prevention, and how important this is. Just to mention one thing and is that the information that we give out here does not replace the information that is given to you by your medical provider. So keep that in mind, because we don’t want to give you anything that jeopardizes, that the relationship that you have with your medical provider is really important. And so, that’s what this topic is going to be all about. It’s going to be about meeting your medical provider, establishing your care, and how important it is to get some prevention as part of your day today when it comes to your medical care.

So, let’s talk a little bit about that. I’m sure that you’ve all heard, how an ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure, right? So that’s really important when it comes to, even though that saying was something about fires, really, it was about fire prevention. We use it a lot when it comes to your health. And it means that we need to take care of ourselves because we want to take care of things before they become a big problem. It’s something that, you know, we can’t take care of after it becomes catastrophic. So, it’s important that we do that. So, we don’t have to fix a lot of things. and when it comes to prevention, you know, it gives us, and I’m going to talk about first, as a provider would, that means to me, instead of someone coming to me with a whole bunch of ailments and diseases and to talk about how that they feel that day, it gives me an opportunity to meet each other, to talk, ask questions.

And for me to really get to know you a little bit at a different level, so that I can better take care of you. So that’s, what’s important there to me. So, let’s talk about that prevention screening and what that means because; different people call it different things. So, it gets a little bit confusing so some people call it a yearly physical or an annual exam or some call it, their yearly annual exam too. So, or wellness exam, like a screening So I call it a prevention screening because for me that means that we’re again, preventing disease, in the future from coming. But typically, what it is, is just that again, that opportunity to meet and talk to your provider about yourself. And I’ll tell you a little bit about what to expect when you, go, to meet your medical provider, at that time.

So, you have to be healthy when you have that appointment and, at that time, your, provider is going to go over some things like your general health throughout the year, your weight, what medicines you’re taking your family history, any changes that have occurred throughout that year. And then go over some real valuable tests that you may have to have, like blood work, colonoscopies, prostate exams, pap smears, things like that, that are important that are pertinent to your particular age range. And then they will do a complete exam, where we can find, abnormalities that are there and discuss them with you. It’s kind of like, you’re going to a game and you’re going to meet your coach and then you’re coming up with a game plan.

So, this is what we’re doing. You know, we’re just coming together as a team and talking about what we’re going to do and how we’re going to achieve the goals for the next year. So, it’s kind of like a vision thing for yourself and for your own health. So, when we get all that information, what we’re doing is getting a solid foundation on how to better take care of you, and then give you tips and to empower you to be a better patient, nothing is better than to have someone that knows how to really take good care of themselves, and empower themselves. And that’s our goal. We want to give you the care as a medical provider, but we want you to know how to do it for yourself while you’re out there by yourself, so that you can come back next year, healthy again. So, let’s talk a little bit about, why this is important.

Do you know that before a diagnosis is made for several years, you’re probably having some of those symptoms that you couldn’t identify, but yet your medical provider can just in just a few minutes, identify them, and save your life? I’ll give you an example. Sometimes we think that we’re tired and we just write it off and think, you know, I’m just getting old and that may be the case because that’s happening to all of us, but in reality, there could be other, like you can have anemia, a thyroid problem. And so, if you come in, we can screen that and make sure that is nothing more complicated than that. You know, we can’t avoid you being sick 100% but we sure can identify these red flags and, just keep you healthy as long as we possibly can. So again, that prevention screening will help you identify these potential problems and we want to do it.

So, what is the best time to get a prevention screening? Well, that depends on you. Some people do it at the beginning of the year because it’s the new year a new you, just new goals, other people do it around their birthdays so that they can remember, but what’s important is that you remember, and that’s it that yearly you get in there and get to see your doctor. So at least once a year, like I mentioned, and one other tip is good to know is that most insurances covered this at a hundred percent, with no co-payments or deductibles. So, check with your insurance because; a lot of people don’t go to the doctor because of the costs. And if you don’t have insurance, find places that can provide this care. And they are many in Southwest Florida, including Suncoast medical, that provide this service to you at a low cost. So, do that research and you can find someone.

And so, now what are you do if you’re thinking about having the screening, to be done? So, I’ll give you a couple of tips on that. So, the most important is going to be to make your appointment, ask your friends to ask your family, who do they see? Who do they feel comfortable with? Because remember, you’re going to need to feel comfortable with that provider and at your most vulnerable times, and when you’re sick and, you know, at other times, like now answering very personal questions. So, you may want to do, your homework and finding that out. What else you want to bring a notebook, write down your concerns, tell them to your doctor, start opening up with your doctor to have good communication and write down all those recommendations and make sure that you have those notes so that you can then follow the game plan.  And finally, just stick with the plan. That’s all you need to do. Just follow that plan for the year. So, you can come back healthy next year and ready to go without any health problems.

So that’s it, gang. I hope that; that helped you in making a decision about making a prevention screening part of your healthcare. And, we want you to stay healthy in Southwest Florida to keep up the good work. And that has been a rise in your health, which Yajaida Vasquez from Suncoast medical centers have a great day.

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